martes, 27 de marzo de 2018

Drones, the solution or ....?

Resultado de imagen de dronesNowadays drones have become so common in the skies. In certain cases they have been dangerous, as it happened in an Enrique Iglesias’ concert, but there are many uses for them that bring us benefits too, as delivering parcels, saving lives, drones are taking off. Besides, they are sometimes also referred to as UAVs, which is Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.

For a start, drones have been around for quite a while in different forms. It is said that they were first used to provide practice targets for training military personnel. As well, drones have been a game changer for wildlife programmes on TV. This could help save lives in remote places, too.

Furthermore, using drones to deliver parcels instead of trucks cuts carbon emissions. It is even faster than trucks. As a result, Amazon has tried to use drones to transport goods weighing less than 2.5 kg, which make up a large majority of its deliveries.

Resultado de imagen de drones amazon

To sum up, I think that drones benefit us in so many aspects in our real lives. Despite this, they can be very dangerous, so we must know how they work. What’s more, all the rules have to be achieved for a good use and experience, because the safety of air travel is a big issue that no one will want to compromise.

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