lunes, 18 de julio de 2016

Diabetes, a rising disease

To begin with, diabetes is a condition where the body can't control the amount of glucose (or sugar) in the blood, and if left untreated, it can cause many complications like heart attack, stroke, kidney failure and blindness.

Resultado de imagen de diabetesDiabetes is on the rise, particulary two types. One of them includes obesity. It is caused because people eat fast food and unhealthy food more and more and they don't do as much exercise as they used to do, because their lifestyle has changed. They rather stay at home watching TV, chatting on the mobile... than going out to do some exercise. Like kids, now adults have jobs that don’t demand so much physical activity.

Diabetes International Federation, which is in Belgium, says that an estimated 415 million people have diabetes worldwide. In fact, in Mexico sugary drinks have decreased in sales because of the sugar tax, measure which has actually worked so far. 

This world is going bananas!!!

For a start, it is true that this world is going bananas, actually it is going crazy.

Two weeks ago Jo Cox, who was a politician and belonged to the British Labour Party, was murdered by a fifty-two-year-man. It is said that her killing was politically motivated. This incident touched everybody, days before the Brexit referendum.

Another event was the Orlando massacre in a nightclub, where 49 people were killed by a terrorist. Something that caught my eyes was the man who was chatting with her mother minutes before die. It was such a pity!

Regarding the Euro 2016 at the start there were some problems, for example, English and Russians fans quarrelled among each other before and after the match on the streets. How much violence! But now, it is nearly the end and there isn't any problem any more. Besides Portugal won the final. I think that Portugal have played so well, especially Cristiano Ronaldo.

domingo, 17 de julio de 2016

Three things that I couldn't imagine living without

Firstly, I couldn't imagine living without my mobile phone. I always carry it with me. I use it in many aspects of real life, but mainly to keep in touch with my friends, even with my parents too, so they can always find out where I am!

Another thing I couldn't imagine living without are my headphones. I am really keen on music. I listen to music very often during the day. I use my headphones when I want to listen to music with the volume as high as possible, so that I don't bother anybody and I don't listen to anybody, either.

The third thing are my glasses, although I only use them when I am in class or studying. If I hadn't them during exam time, I wouldn't study well. My eyes wouldn't be very happy, either!

Resultado de imagen de glasses through landscape

Don't leave it for tomorrow!!! Start now and you'll be ready for next school year.

Regarding what means Don't leave it for tomorrow, it means doing things at the moment and not later.

On the one hand, I think that students tend to procrastinate everything or almost everything that they have to do because they have other things to spend time on them. Teens usually say that they have to meet friends, go out, go to parties, and now in summer, they rather go to the beach than stay at home doing something. Most of them say that among other smells, the smell of sunbathe reminds them of their childhood.

On the other hand, it is true that if you start now you will be ready for the next school year or whatever. I rather do some homework during the summer than have to do all of them during the school year, when I have to do a lots things more.

All in all, if you can do things at the moment, do them, because later you might not be able to do them because of different things.

How to spend € 150,000 - but not all on yourself

If I had € 150,000, and I couldn't spend all on myself, I know what I would do. First of all, I'd buy four plane tickets for my family and me to go on a trip to Hawaii on summer holidays. I think we deserve it, we have worked hard during all the year, therefore I think it would be a good idea for relaxing.

Next, I'd buy a new car, but it would be mine, as in two years' time I'll be able to drive it. Therefore, I would visit lot of places with my friends.

The third thing I'd do is to save some money for my university degree. Although I don't know what I'll do yet, I know that it is too expensive. 

Finally, I would donate some money to the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC).

jueves, 7 de julio de 2016

Batman strikes again!

Regarding bats, they are mammals although few people don't think so. In Australia it has been declared an emergency to help the state of New South Wales, which has been besieged by tens of thousands of them. The authorities will spend about $8m to move the bats to a different place. Therefore, this situation has created problems for local residents.

On the other hand, I have seen some films connected with the figure of Batman. I really like The Dark Knight Rises which was released on 2012. In this film Christian Bale plays the role of Batman and Anne Hathaway like Catwoman. It is an action and suspense film besides it belongs to the Dark Knight trilogy. The latest film about Batman is Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Ben Affleck is Batman and Superman is Henry Cavill. 

I haven't seen it yet, but I think that it is really good. I also like The Avengers, Thor, Captain America, Spiderman... In Thor's film appears Chris Hemsworth, who is the husband of our Spanish actress Elsa Pataky.