sábado, 16 de enero de 2016



  • Hello, Pedro. What's the matter?
  • I've got a backache. 
  • When did it start?
  • Four days ago.
  • Let me have a look... ah, maybe you've got an injury. Have you taken any medication for it?
  • No, I haven't.
  • Well. I will prescribe some painkillers. Take them twice a day. If you have any problem, came back at once.
  • Thank you so much, doctor. (Pedro is leaving)
  • Pedro, don't forget the prescription!
  • Pardon! Bye.


Do some smell remind you of your childhood? What associations do they have?

The smell of war crayons reminds me of when I was at the nursery school without anything to do. I was all day drawing. Among other smells, I've always liked the smell of the beach and the smell of suntan lotion because they remind me of holidays and the sun. I also like the smell of fireworks because they make me think of Lobres festival, like Saint-Antonio, who is the patron saint of the village. 

What about sounds? Do some sounds or songs have strong associations for you?

Yes. For example, the song "El baile del gorila" by Melody. I really liked the song and I danced whenever I listened to it. It is beautiful to remind my childhood! Also, the song by Carlos Cano, "María la portuguesa!. This is the song which my father loves. We danced it in all parties together. As I was little, my father used to pick me up. What memories! 

My village

What can I say about my village?

To begin with the description, I'm going to write about my village in the past and now. I live in a small town in the south of Spain, it is called Lobres. 50 years ago, the town was very different. Approximately, there was the same population as there is now.

Although now it is small, before it was even smaller. There didn't use to be any modern buildings. Now there are some blocks of flats. There used to be one shop, where the was food. now there are two supermarkets, a butcher's, one clothes shop, and two bars. Although too many people go to shopping centres, the oldest people go to the shops there. Also there was a church, and it is the same as now, but it was repaired once. In the village there used to be sugar plantations, it was the main crop in the area for that reason there used to be a sugar factory. Now in its place there is a rum factory.

50 years ago there used to be an old bridge which used to go to other towns, but it fell down in 1973. Now there is a new bridge. Most people used to ride horses, donkeys or similar. People used to work in fields in 'Palmares' and they had to walk across the mountain without minding the weather (boiling or freezing). What a terrible journey! Now there are a lot of cars, and there is a big motorway which surrounds the village. There used to be a bus station near the road, where all the traffic cross. How dangerous! Now the bus station is at the entrance of the village.
People went to Cataluña to find a better life, because here the only job that there used to be was farmer.

My grandparents lived here. They say that there wasn't much to do then, except when there were the patronal parties. My granny used to go with the other women to wash the clothes to the river. There used to be a small room used as a school, now there is a state school. There didn't use to be a health centre, if you got an illness, you couldn't go to the doctor. All the people liked going out, and standing in the street (children playing football or many old-women talking in the door of their houses). Now fewer people go out, they prefer to stay at home playing computer games or with their mobiles. Children used to be by mid-night on the street.
All in all, life was quieter then, but now we have technological things which permit use to communicate without need of getting out of the village. Life has changed so fast!