martes, 27 de marzo de 2018

Barking trains

Barking trains? What is it? For a start, in Japan they have invented barking trains so as to prevent collision with animals, such as deer, on the tracks. It actually is an attempt to reduce the number of animal deaths on the railway.

Apparently, deer are attracted to railway lines because of a need of iron in their diets. Therefore, experts hope that this would be the best solution to stop it. The device has been devised by a team at the country’s Railway Technical Research Institute and has already reduced the number of deer spotted on the railway by 40 per cent.

Moreover, the deer have a habit of repeatedly snorting short, shrill sounds to alert other deer when they perceive danger, so officials explained they thought it would be a good idea to combine that with the sound of dog, which scares them.

Resultado de imagen de deer

All in all, I reckon that it is always a good idea to protect animals, in this case the deer, and also the environment. What’s more, I think we should put into practice more ideas like that. Thus we could change our world to make a better one.

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