domingo, 8 de noviembre de 2015


What can I say about my image? 

 Regarding my image, maybe I am trendy. I usually wear jeans and a T-shirt to go to school, my clothes always math of course. I wear sporty clothes when I have PE, but I think they don’t suit me. I love wearing smart clothes, for example, dresses and wearing make-up like “cat eye” and jewellery (bracelets, earrings, rings, in fact, all the jewels) too. It is great to look like a famous person.

What can I say about things that I love? I really like going shopping, and having a look at all the shops in the shopping centre. I also love playing the guitar in my free time. The third thing I like is the idea that I am going to go to Dublin, because I haven’t been there, so, if I participate in the study trip, I will get the B1 in English. 

There are three things I hate. I don’t like arrogant people who treat people bad, maybe they don’t have a university degree. The second thing I hate is the people who don’t listen to me, for me it is important that the people pay attention to me. Finally, the last thing I really hate is going to the Official Language School. I don’t fancy that, and sometimes I am so angry that I wouldn’t go any more. I am tired and tired, but if I pass my 3rd year, I’ll get my B1 in French.