sábado, 29 de agosto de 2015

Happy birthday, Magic Johnson!!!!

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday Magic Johnson, happy birthday to you!!!

 Earvin "Magic" Johnson was born on August 14th in 1959, in Lansing in Michigan. Now, the 56-old-year man, is a former basketball player, one of the best players in the history of basketaball. He played in  Los Angeles Lakers for more than 10 years (1979-1991). And later in 1996, for a little period.

During his career he won a lot of awards. He also played at the Barcelona Olympic Games in 1992, beating his rivals and winning thus, the gold.

In 1992 the basketball player announced that he had VIH virus. He played with the number 32 as point guard.

Palmyra: Historic temple destroyed, archaeologist murdered and AMERICAN HEROES IN FRANCE!!!

This case is a loss for all the humanity. I am going to talk about the archaeological site of Palmyra.
Palmyra was an old city situated on the desert of Syria. It was chosen as World Heritage Site in 1980 by Unesco.

The temple which was destroyed was The Baalshamin temple, which had stood there for nearly 2,000 years. It was considered one of the best preserved temple on the site.

The three US men or the heroes, how the people know them now, were on board of the TGV heading for Paris when a gunman opened fire. They and two others chased him, tackled him and were able to subdue him. Some of them are soldiers. They deserve a great applause from all of society because of their act.

jueves, 27 de agosto de 2015

Neither trekking nor just climbing... it is actually running in the Alps!!!!

It is incredible to see how a man with just 26 years does this!! Neither trekking nor just climbing, otherwise, running! The Swiss mountain-runner ran up five 4,000-metre peaks within seven hours and 45 minutes. Breaking thus his own record. What a long way! He did the crossing for the first time in 2013, taking just over nine hours to do it.

In the link I have seen the amazing images of the wonderful landscape that he saw during his adventure in  the Swiss Alps. 

I have done the exclamation exercise and I have had just three errors. (:


It is time to revise the EXCLAMATIVE SENTENCES: LINK 


He was... born to run!!!

Firstly, who is Bruce Springsteen? Bruce Springsteen was born in New Jersey on September 23rd in 1949. Now he is 65 years old. He is a singer, musician and US compositor. He is often known as The Boss. His sales are over 64.5 million albums in the US and over 120 million worldwide.

His  success came with Born to Run. What else? His songs have been used for some films, even he won an Oscar for his song "Streets of Philadelphia", for the film by Jonathan Demme, Philadelphia.

Secondly, I didn't know who this very famous person was Until a few minutes, and so I haven't listened to any songs by him. Although I think that he is a great musician.

A bloody matter

If blood means sangre, and bleed sangrar, bloody will mean sangriento, the adjective. Also it means, violento and in some other occasions it means maldito, condenado, pinche, jodido and the UK it is utilised as intensifier adjectives, muy and tan. 

I don't know the length of the blood vessels, it is incredible 100,000 miles. It is real that the blood is very important in human health, and without it we can't live. 

The most important for a healthy heart is not to drink alcohol and eat less salt (5g per day). Sometimes there are problems which are hereditary, and so these people must be more careful and these cares have to be better. 

There are a lot of stories about the blood from the Roman to the famous vampire Dracula. I don't believe them, because the youth of the face doesn't depend on the blood, but in the aging process of the person. 

Le Tour de France est fini...mais Paris est toujours là!!!

Je peux faire le commentaire en Française?
Alors, le Tour est fini, mais ça m'est égal parce que je n'aime pas le cyclisme. 

In France, there are a lot of things to see. First, the famous Eiffel Tower, the river Seine, the Louvre Museum, Disneyland, the Palace of Versailles, Notre Dame Cathedral, the Arch of Triumph, the Mont Blanc and too many things. (The Mont Saint-Michel, the same as you did). This summer the temperatures are higher than other years, and the best is to travel to the coast, such as la Côte d'Azur, C'EST FORMIDABLE. 

As it is normal at this time of year, there are too many tourists everywhere, and sometimes this can be a problem. 
Spanish pride. Miguel Indurain has won five consecutive times the tour. One of the most important Spanish sportsmen. 
I haven't visited this wonderful city, but during this summer I have gone to a lot of
places, as Loro Sexy and more. 

Greece, Europe and the future

Lately Greece doesn't stop appearing on TV. After a lot of disagreements between the Hellenic country 
and the UE, and the referendum at which the majority voted no, finally there has been an agreement between them. And right now, there won’t be an exit of Greece of the euro.

It was disagreeable to see the people at the doors of the banks to get little money from the cash machines, less than 100€ per day, just to feed a family. Some of them didn't have enough money to buy medicines. It was so sad.

Something which caught my eye was the Australian businessman who gave money to a Greek man. The Greek was friend of the Australian’s father. It was something which touched all. What a great person! The world should have more people like him, so the world would be better.

The music war

I am going to talk about the music war between the singer Taylor Swift and the company Apple. It is true that all of us enjoy listening to music and that we don’t like paying for it and the solution it is to download it through illegal pages or to listen to it in musical platforms without paying. The problem is that if we don't buy the music, or any CDs and we don't even pay for any music service, the singers and musicians don’t earn money. They live off the music and they hope to get some profits, thing that doesn't always happen. I agree with her, because I reckon that she is doing her work and she must make profits from it.

In contrast, it is true that Apple wants the best for their customers to keep them happy. Although the solution isn't this one.
The girl is very brave fighting for what it is from her.

I think that U-turn' means in Spanish, cambio de sentido. 

Too skinny for the catwalk!!!!

More and more, the fashion world and the catwalk is open only for the too skinny people, especially women. And sometimes this isn't something nice.
You look everywhere and you can see skinny women, and it can be a drama for some women. Because they want to be like them, the type of women that the publicity sells us. And it is almost impossibe because everyone is as it is. Even they feel groggy with their bodies. That difference makes you make you genuine.
I agree with French MPs, if skinny people were forbidden at the catwalk, we would have more self-confident people and fewer eating problems as bulimia and more.

I say this word as that person, and I think that is an insult. Synonyms of skinny, lean, lanky and slim.

The Importance of Being Earnest is a play by Oscar Wilde written in 1895. He was from Dublin, Ireland, right where we are going next year for our study trip.

The teenage brain & Paris 'love-locks' removed

Paris 'love locks' have been removed from the bridge where they were. It is the end of a story, a beautiful tradition, which was like a tale and which was about a way to express love by lovers.

Adding a love lock to the Pont des Arts before throwing the key into the River Seine had became a tourist tradition. For me, it was a nice love sign. But this can be an eyesore and also a hazard. The metal bridge, with weighed nearly 50 tonnes, could fall down at any moment .Last year, one section of the railways split apart. Normal!!

It is a bit sad, because one day if I had been to Paris, I would have gone there. Remove means quitar. 

On the one hand, the teenage brain doesn't have anything to envy. We have a lot of school information, it is a disaster, only space for these things, which are almost always forgotten. On the other hand, sometimes we have memory for music and other things without importance, or on the contrary, with importance (in lower case). It is true that in this life stage we have capacity for learn more things and also easier.