viernes, 17 de julio de 2015

B.B. King & Lucille... Stand by me, please!

BB King, knows as The King of the Blues, was born in Berclair, Mississippi on September 26th 1925 and he died last May 14th in Las Vegas. He was an American Hall of Fame blues singer, songwriter and guitarist and he was considered one of the most influential blues musicians of all time. He also participated in some films as Blues Brothers 2000, When We Were Kings. He worked until this year.

He was married twice and he had fifteen children, natural and adopted. King's favorite singer was Frank Sinatra. In his autobiography he spoke about it. He lived with diabetes for over 20 years and it was the cause of his dead. 

An interesting thing is that he had two clubs and many more. In 1991, B.B. King's Blues Club opened on Beale Street in Memphis, and in 1994, a second club was launched at Universal 
City Walk in Los Angeles. 

The story of King’s guitar was that he put this name because in a concert there was fire and everybody there ran away, but he returned to get his guitar. He was in danger of dying. When they told him that the reason of flames was that two men were fighting for one woman, King decided to name the guitar as her, Lucille. 

I have only heard one song of him, Stand by me, but sung by Prince Royce. Although I liked Stand by me by Prince Royce, I reckon that the version sung by King is the best.

Baltimore: racism, violence, justice...

Something which caught my eye was the mother who went to her son when he was in the protest in Baltimore. The boy is sixteen years old.

The mother called Toha Graham was in her house watching TV and she saw her son in the protest, and she decided to go there and bring her son home. We can see in the video as the mother hits to the boy; she tells him to return home. It´s incredible how she dares to go there to save her son. It is an example of how the other parents should educate their children. For me she is a courageous mother and so it´s because she has six daughters and the boy. Now, she hasn’t got a job and she educates her children alone. She doesn’t want Michael to join any gang as there are too many in the city. She heard a shot and she came to the street to see what happened and she saw a young boy on the street and he was dying, the people of the gang left and they abandoned the teenager there. For this Toha doesn’t want this for Michael. She was congratulated by Baltimore’s authorities. 

It´s true that this year too many coloured people have died, and I think that sometimes the only reason is that they are color person. I have seen various cases of this type on TV. There are some police officers men who have killed coloured people without any reason, and this is unacceptable in the century which we live. It is obvious that racism is still present.

Another problem is that the use of weapons is permitted in the USA, and so all the people can have access to them. This is another cause of conflicts between citizens and police forces. And they can be very violent with them. We must react and say no to racism. 

Home schooling

Resultado de imagen de home schooling
Resultado de imagen de home schoolingI think that the people who are victims of bullies or other problems at school, they and their parents prefer go to private schools and mainly the people who have a lot of money, the richest people. Private schools give too many advantages, but disadvantages too. For example, to stay at a private school, you have to pay too much money for the tuition and you must have high marks.

However, at state schools there are the people who haven't many economic resources, there are more people for this reason and you can make more friends, and you don’t need such high marks, because public schools have to admit everyone. You can wear the clothes that you want and the timetables are better.

About home schooling, it sounds good that the teacher goes to your home, you can change the timetables, you have a teacher who teaches only you, and when you do an exam you aren’t nervous…
Boarding school is a school at which the pupils receive meals and accommodation as well as an education. In Spanish it means “internado”

In my opinion, it doesn’t matter the school where you are, the important is if you want study or not. Both private and state schools, if you want to study, are a good option for you. I’m at a state school and I’m happy without problems. 

Could we do exams at home?

Really? It would be the dream all of us, but I can't believe you will be able to do an exam from your bed one day. I think that it is better to do exams in class with teachers, because at home you can cheat and maybe you don't revise for the exam and so, you fail it. It’s true that in class you are nervous with too much pressure, but you can ask the teacher if you don't know any exercise. For the bad students, this is a problem, because in class, teachers for to beat it, can ban mobile phones and cameras. The head teacher can suspend or expel students who cheat.

I think that cheating in exams is easy with the new technology and as in the past, with little notes and writing notes on your arms. But the truth is that cheats never win, and winners never cheat. 

It is a good idea for the people who can’t move, either because they are disabled or because they live very far. 

The best solution would be not to do any exams at all, in class or in your bedroom.

Black Friday

Black Friday is the Friday following Thanksgiving Day in the USA for selling more in party days.

It is sometimes also called Black Friday fever because of the violence that people used to get something with discounts and the police are often called to deal with desperate shoppers because, for example a man was arrested on suspicion of assault at a store. There are many cases with violence when shoppers assault other shoppers. Although the people buy a lot of things that they don't really need,it is mainly a matter of getting bargains.

In Spain it has also been celebrated. I think it is mainly for the companies to make money, but here I think that the people don't buy much because of the economic crisis since families don't have any means. I saw on TV is to do the Christmas shoppings in advance. 

Resultado de imagen de Black Friday

The Internet and Safety

Resultado de imagen de internet safety
I think that Internet is the best. You can do a lots of things with it, look for many things, download music or films, watch videos, chat with friends, login social pages, share files with the world, play games online... Today, all the people is connected to internet, we use it all the time in all moment. But some people, especially teenagers, can have problems such as people stealing your identity, with chat rooms, ciberbullyng, sexting..
It can be cool to blog, chat or play games online, but when you’ve been on the internet for more forty-eight hours a week, your idea of the reality changes, and this can be a problem. The people who do this are real addicts. 
Internet addiction has ruined people's education, relationship and careers. 
Resultado de imagen de internet safetyI use internet to send messages to friends, watch something in Facebook and look for something. For example today, I've used it for send messages in Whatsapp, make comments in Albert's blog and watch a video on YouTube. I don't think that I’ve used Internet too much. A piece of advice for people with problems that you should tell someone who can help you.
Here a video of Amanda Todd, who had problems and finally she committed suicide

I prefer losing my TV set rather than lose my mobile phone. I can't live without my mobile, it's impossible for me!