lunes, 23 de febrero de 2015



TV highlights by Andrea G

The highlight of this week's TV was the reality show Big Brother. Eighty-four days after starting the show, some participants continue in the house, but they will stay at the gates of the final.

Cuatro's drama series Castle was also worth watching. In the last episode, the inspector Beckett and the writer Castle solved a murder in the old West. In the end, they were celebrating their honey moon, too. Romantic stuff!

Finally, something which also caught my eye was a film on Channel 2. A man was fighting in the Second World War against the Nazis to defend his country. A lot of his friends died helping him. It was a sad story. 



Anthony Santos was born in Bronk, in NY in 1981. He's been involved in the music since he was twelve years old, when he sang in a chorus. Later, he joined his cousin and they sang together in a group called "Los Tinellers". Years later, they became "Aventura".

His big break came in 2002, when Aventura released the single Obsesión, which managed to be number one in Italy during sixteen weeks. In the years that followed, they released many other hits and albums. They were the most popular bachata group of all time. They broke up in 2011.

Since then, Romeo has had a very successful solo career. He has recorded a few CDs and he's had seven hits #1 in Hot Latin Chart and eight #1 in Hot Topical Songs Chart, in only three years. He was at the White House, he was invited by the President of the USA. 

domingo, 22 de febrero de 2015

Trabajo sobre los derechos humanos y la libertad de expresión

Trabajo de ciudadanía sobre los derechos humanos y la libertad de expresión realizado por Joaquín García Venegas y Andrea Gutiérrez López con la aplicación Padlet.

sábado, 21 de febrero de 2015



Aunt Millie

Aunti Millie was born in a small town near Dublín in the 1970s. Her mother is Italian, but she moved to Ireland with only six years. She's been a dance teacher for twenty years 

She has been in the world of dance since she was a little a little girl. She first studied modern dance at four, and she started to appear in shows soon afterthat.

At eighteen she moved to Manchester and she studied dance at the Royal Northern College of Music for three years. 

She has lived in Manchester sinche then, and now she teaches hip hop dance to teenagers at local school, but she hasn't appeared on TV yet. 

viernes, 20 de febrero de 2015



Kate and I are friends. Kate lives near me here in Lobres, but we don't go to the same school. She lives in a big modern flat. I often go to her house.

Kate is seventeen years old, she is three years older than me. She's incredibly beautiful and she's got long dark hair.

The good things about her is that she's friendly, intelligent, although she can also be a bit mean and curious, and sometimes she isn't very confident.

Kate is happiest when she's chatting with her boyfriend and going shopping with friends. When she buys something she spends fout times more than others. She likes going to parties and meeting other people, who want to do a photography session. There's a big shopping centre in Granada called "Serrallo" and we sometimes go there together. We also like going to ice-cream parlors, too.