martes, 27 de marzo de 2018

Do you fancy mermaiding?

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To begin with, what is mermaiding? Well, currently there is a new trend of dressing up and swimming like a mermaid. It is called mermaiding and it is practised by kids and adults, too. This is making a splash at the moment. The idea was originated in America but it is now popular in the UK and Europe.

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Going into a pool full of women wearing fish tails is like being into the familiar Walt Disney film The Little Mermaid. This looks easy, but it actually takes a lot of time, practise and money. Indeed, the breath hold is extremely challenging. It is also considered as a new extreme sport. In spite of it, more and more people are doing of mermaiding their new job. They just have to teach kids how to swim, breathe and move like a real mermaid.

On the contrary, although Ariel makes it look easy, being a mermaid is a challenging task. It is a cross between free diving and synchronised swimming with your feet strapped together. Thereby inadequate training and knowledge of one’s physical limits can lead to unconsciousness and death. Therefore, the best to overcome all of this is practising some mediation techniques.

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To conclude, I think that mermaiding is a good activity to have fun with friends. As well, I consider that we have to learn some previous techniques about how to do it, if not we can have some serious problems. By the way, I am thinking about doing my birthday party with a mermaid theme, the same as Kim Kardashian did for North’s birthday.

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