martes, 31 de enero de 2017

I don't wanna live forever

Do you want to live forever? 

I am going to write about the topic of future and immortality. Both of them are connected because of uncertainty. Immortality is increasing thanks to the medical advances.

On the one hand, I wouldn’t like to live for ever. It’s because I think that if you live longer, you will have more problems. It sounds great but it could be unbearable. Furthermore, it couldn’t be the solution to all our problems, either. It doesn’t mean absolute happiness. By the way, there is a song called “I don’t wanna live forever” sung by Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik which is included in the original soundtrack of the film “Fifty Shades Darker”. The song is a sultry ode about feeling as if life were hopeless without an ex-lover.

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On the other hand, I think the world in the year 3000 would be very different from nowadays. I reckon that we’d love the environment, we’d respect nature, we’d recycle more, our lifestyle would be healthier, there would be less pollution and there would be a cure for all diseases…

To sum up, if you live forever you can get relax about the topic of death but you can also die, for example, in a car crash. I think that people have a cycle, where we have to be born and to die one day. On the contrary, the world in 3000 would have better living conditions and it would be healthier and safer because of awareness.

martes, 10 de enero de 2017

A Christmas letter

11 Espinar St
Lobres, 18610
14th December

Hi Mason,

How’s life in LA? Sorry we haven’t spoken for ages, but I’ve been very busy with exams. I have finished all of them, so I’m just waiting for my marks.

Now, I’m thinking about what to do during Christmas holidays. I’d like to go to Sierra Nevada with my family and to pay for skiing lessons. Also, I will study, especially Philosophy because I don’t know if I’ll pass it. If I study more, I think I’ll be able to do it the next time. But I won’t be all the day studying!

Resultado de imagen de philosophyMy cousins and I are organizing a party, which will be very pretty, at my grandma’s house. We are going to make a special dinner and give each other lots of presents. On the contrary, in summer I’ll be going to Monte Carlo to practise my French, and then, when I back, I’ll go with my friends to the beach or swim in the pool and I’ll sunbathe all day long. I prefer summer because I love sun. Have you decided what you’re going to do?

I hope your exams went well and you can relax now. Write soon with your news.

All the best,

PS. Try to write me in Spanish next time!

martes, 3 de enero de 2017

A stunningly enchanting New Year's Eve story

To begin with, I am going to write about New Year’s Eve and the traditions for this special night around the world, because it is not the same in all places.

Actually, here in Spain we are the only ones who eat twelve grapes to celebrate the New Year. It is said that doing this we have good luck for the next year. This tradition began in 1909 in Alicante because of a vintage’s excess. In another place like Colombia, at midnight, they walk around their houses with a empty suitcase to ask for a new year with a lots of trips. In Russia, they ask for a wish, they write it and then they burn it. Later, they put the ash in the champagne to drink it. What a burning toast! In Canada, they drop cold water onto their heads. It is such a freezing experience that is only meant for brave people. And on the east of the country, the tradition says that men have to disguise as women and women as men. In Argentina, it is thought that if you wear some pink underwear, you will meet your true love. This is like a signal to Cupid to do his job.
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This time I preferred staying at home with my family. I think that is a good idea to rest this night and to start the year with people you love the most, like friends and family. However, I don’t think this is such a special night, because each day is a new opportunity to try to make the best day ever. 

My most beautiful word in English is happiness because it sounds fantastic and it has a great meaning and in other language is amour, in French. I really like this word because it sounds so sensual and its meaning is simply fantastic.

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George Michael

For a start, I am going to write about George Michael. He was an English famous pop singer, songwriter and producer. During his career he won lots of prizes. He was born on 25th June 1963 and he died on 25th December 2016 with only 53 years the same day as Christmas, it is such a pity. It is said that he died because of a cardiac failure while he was sleeping.

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His musical career and even his lifestyle was marked by sex and drugs, he also declared that he was homosexual. At first he started a group with a childhood friend and they sang together in a pop group called Wham! Careless Whisper was his very first single like soloist, which was a hit. A documental called Different Story, done in 2005, tells his personal life and his career.

I am not fond of him, but I really like one of his songs, it is Careless Whisper. I think that it is an incredible song to dance with someone special, together and slowly. Romantic stuff!

Resultado de imagen de grasshopper club zürichOn the contrary, talking about word formation the adjective that comes from craze is crazy. The verb that comes from hopper is to hop. Based on this word we have both grasshopper, which is an insect and Grasshopper Club Zürich, a Swiss football team.