viernes, 13 de marzo de 2015


Amazing living bridges in India

It's amazing to see what the humans do with some roots! In the video we can see a man who teaches a child how to make the living bridges so that he can use it when he is older, and his children and children's children can use them too. These bridges solve the problem of crossing the river, especially when the summer monsoon comes. The situation becomes worse as the flow of the river increases.

For them these living bridges are extremely important, because they need to cross the river to go to work, to look for food to eat, for children go to school, for communicate the village with other villages. What is the solution? The solution is the living bridge of course, it's natural for that, and it doesn't pollute the environment.


Fabiola, Belgium's Queen

She was born in Madrid, Spain on 11th June of 1928 and she died last 5th December. She was a Spanish aristocrat and Belgium Queen for her marriage with the King Baudouin. She is famous here in Motril, because she had a summer residence in Playa Granada called Villa Astrida, where her husband died. 

She was the Spanish who conquered King Baudouin. She was born to be a queen. 

So it was announced her death: "Their majesties the king and queen and the members of the royal family announce with very great sadness the death of Her Majesty Queen Fabiola this evening at Stuyvenberg Castle in Brussels," a statement from the royal palace of King Philippe said. 

Here is an article about the death of Queen Fabiola of Belgium who has died at the age of 86.


Fernando Martín 

Fernando Martín Espina was born on 25th March of 1962 and he died on 3rd December in 1989. He was a basketball player as his brother Antonio Martín.
At school he started playing first as a handball player and later as baskteball player and swimning, too. He played in Estudiantes, Real Madrid, Portland Trail Blazers and Spanish national team.
He played in the position of center and he was 2.05 tall    
. He was the first Europe player no university training in joining a team in the NBA.
He was one of the best Spanish basketball players ever. He died in a traffic accident with only 27 years.



José Callejón is from Motril and he was born on 11th February 1987. He has got a twin brother called Juanmi Callejón, and he plays football in Bolivia, too. Since he was young, he played football until he has played in teams such as Real Madrid CF and now, SSC Napoli. Del Bosque, Spanish national coach, called him to play for Spanish national team. It’s a privilege to see a footballer from a neighbour town. He is a genius with the ball in his foot. 

Another two famous footballers from Andalusia who play in the Spanish team are Sergio Ramos, from Sevilla and Isco, from Malaga.


Do you believe in horoscopes?

I don´t believe in horoscopes. We don't rely on stars to take our decisions, because our decisions depend on us.
In my opinion, why do astrologers look to the stars to help Indian businesses? It is just to take money from us, in this case, from the Indians.

I´m Cancer, because I was born on 25th June. Sometimes I buy some magazines with horoscopes in it. When I read my horoscope, they hardly ever guess something of me.
So I don´t believe in this, but it's interesting read it in magazines.