viernes, 17 de julio de 2015

The Internet and Safety

Resultado de imagen de internet safety
I think that Internet is the best. You can do a lots of things with it, look for many things, download music or films, watch videos, chat with friends, login social pages, share files with the world, play games online... Today, all the people is connected to internet, we use it all the time in all moment. But some people, especially teenagers, can have problems such as people stealing your identity, with chat rooms, ciberbullyng, sexting..
It can be cool to blog, chat or play games online, but when you’ve been on the internet for more forty-eight hours a week, your idea of the reality changes, and this can be a problem. The people who do this are real addicts. 
Internet addiction has ruined people's education, relationship and careers. 
Resultado de imagen de internet safetyI use internet to send messages to friends, watch something in Facebook and look for something. For example today, I've used it for send messages in Whatsapp, make comments in Albert's blog and watch a video on YouTube. I don't think that I’ve used Internet too much. A piece of advice for people with problems that you should tell someone who can help you.
Here a video of Amanda Todd, who had problems and finally she committed suicide

I prefer losing my TV set rather than lose my mobile phone. I can't live without my mobile, it's impossible for me!

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