viernes, 17 de julio de 2015

Could we do exams at home?

Really? It would be the dream all of us, but I can't believe you will be able to do an exam from your bed one day. I think that it is better to do exams in class with teachers, because at home you can cheat and maybe you don't revise for the exam and so, you fail it. It’s true that in class you are nervous with too much pressure, but you can ask the teacher if you don't know any exercise. For the bad students, this is a problem, because in class, teachers for to beat it, can ban mobile phones and cameras. The head teacher can suspend or expel students who cheat.

I think that cheating in exams is easy with the new technology and as in the past, with little notes and writing notes on your arms. But the truth is that cheats never win, and winners never cheat. 

It is a good idea for the people who can’t move, either because they are disabled or because they live very far. 

The best solution would be not to do any exams at all, in class or in your bedroom.

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