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Title:  A close shave
Printed by:  OXFORD (700 words)

Main characters that appear in the story and short description of them

Wallace: is an inventor. He’s very happy. He hasn’t got hair. He lives with his pet Gromit.
Gromit: is a dog very intelligent. It is Wallace’s pet.
Place where the story takes place and short description of it
62 West Wallaby Street, Wigan, Lancashire is the home of Wallace and Gromit

Main topic of the story  

The theft of sheep in which is accused Gromit.  And they have to discover who is behind all this.

What is the story about? Summarize it in about 100 words

One night Gromit hears a lorry and a sheep fell off it. The sheep came into the Wallace’s house. The next morning the house was bitten by it. Wallace had to go to the shop “Wendolenes’s Wools”. When they arrived they saw a dog called Preston, it was bigger than Gromit. Wallace sees Wendolene, and he’s fall in love. While Gromit and his owner are in the shop, Preston goes to Wallace’s home for take it sheep. They discover Preston in the basement. The next day Preston cheats Gromit for tell that Gromit he is the sheep’s murder. Gromit is in prison but Wallace rescues it. He wants to save Wendolene. Preston has a factory of dog’s meal, where he takes it victims. Finally Shawn, the sheep, saves them.

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