viernes, 17 de julio de 2015

Home schooling

Resultado de imagen de home schooling
Resultado de imagen de home schoolingI think that the people who are victims of bullies or other problems at school, they and their parents prefer go to private schools and mainly the people who have a lot of money, the richest people. Private schools give too many advantages, but disadvantages too. For example, to stay at a private school, you have to pay too much money for the tuition and you must have high marks.

However, at state schools there are the people who haven't many economic resources, there are more people for this reason and you can make more friends, and you don’t need such high marks, because public schools have to admit everyone. You can wear the clothes that you want and the timetables are better.

About home schooling, it sounds good that the teacher goes to your home, you can change the timetables, you have a teacher who teaches only you, and when you do an exam you aren’t nervous…
Boarding school is a school at which the pupils receive meals and accommodation as well as an education. In Spanish it means “internado”

In my opinion, it doesn’t matter the school where you are, the important is if you want study or not. Both private and state schools, if you want to study, are a good option for you. I’m at a state school and I’m happy without problems. 

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