viernes, 17 de julio de 2015

Baltimore: racism, violence, justice...

Something which caught my eye was the mother who went to her son when he was in the protest in Baltimore. The boy is sixteen years old.

The mother called Toha Graham was in her house watching TV and she saw her son in the protest, and she decided to go there and bring her son home. We can see in the video as the mother hits to the boy; she tells him to return home. It´s incredible how she dares to go there to save her son. It is an example of how the other parents should educate their children. For me she is a courageous mother and so it´s because she has six daughters and the boy. Now, she hasn’t got a job and she educates her children alone. She doesn’t want Michael to join any gang as there are too many in the city. She heard a shot and she came to the street to see what happened and she saw a young boy on the street and he was dying, the people of the gang left and they abandoned the teenager there. For this Toha doesn’t want this for Michael. She was congratulated by Baltimore’s authorities. 

It´s true that this year too many coloured people have died, and I think that sometimes the only reason is that they are color person. I have seen various cases of this type on TV. There are some police officers men who have killed coloured people without any reason, and this is unacceptable in the century which we live. It is obvious that racism is still present.

Another problem is that the use of weapons is permitted in the USA, and so all the people can have access to them. This is another cause of conflicts between citizens and police forces. And they can be very violent with them. We must react and say no to racism. 

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