sábado, 29 de octubre de 2016

A description of a person - Louis

Resultado de imagen de a poetry contestI’m going to describe my friend Louis. We have been friends since I started the secondary school. I have chosen him because he’s the one who often listens to my problems and helps me in everything. He usually gives me useful pieces of advice. Actually, he is very important for me, although we have had quite a few arguments.

Louis isn’t in the same class as me because he is slightly older than me and he lives in a different town. He is much taller than me. He’s médium-weight and he’s got short black hair and brown eyes. He is so sweet! The first time that I saw him I thought he had such a lovely smile.

He looks a bit shy, but he’s really talkative and friendly. He is so generous and he doesn’t hesitate helping the others. He loves playing basketball and he plays in the school basketball team. He also likes reading, in fact, his marks in literature are brilliant. Last year, he even won a poetry contest.

Resultado de imagen de basketballAll in all, Louis and I aren’t very different, so we get on really well. I think he’s a great person, especially a great friend. Everyone should have a friend like him in his life.

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