viernes, 4 de noviembre de 2016

Bob Dylan, the minstrel of the 21st Century

To begin with, I’m going to write about Bob Dylan. He is an American songwriter, singer, artist and writer who was born on 24th May, 1941 in Duluth, USA. He is 75 years old and he has been working in the world of music since 1959. Nowadays, he lives in Malibu, CA. He has been married twice and has six children. He usually plays the guitar, although he plays the keyboard and the harmonica too. His songs have social, political, philosophical and literary contents. The most famous are Blowing in the wind, Hurricane, Like a rolling Stone… He has won lots of prizes. Among them, we can mention the Prince of Asturias Awards in 2007 and the Nobel Prize for Literature this year, in 2016. It was said that he didn’t want it, but this week he called the Swedish Academy an accepted the award.

Resultado de imagen de hurricane carter
And now I am going to write about  Hurricane Carter too. Rubin Carter was an American boxer. He was born on 6th May in 1937 and died on 20th April in 2014. He fought from 1961 to 1966, the year that he was arrested by a triple homicide. In 1975, Bob Dylan wrote a song inspired in his story called Hurricane to report this unjustice.

All in all, although I’m not so fond of Bod Dylan music, I think his music is fantastic with  great contents.

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