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Santa Claus is coming to town!!

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I am going to write about one of the most important celebrations around the world, that is, Christmas. This party is celebrated in different ways depending on which country we are. Two important aspects of Christmas are obviously Santa Claus and Christmas Eve.

On the one hand, here in Spain we celebrate Christmas Eve having a family dinner, listening to music or singing Christmas carols. Besides, some people wait for Santa Claus’ gifts. Personally, I usually celebrate this day having a big family dinner at my grandma’s house. After dinner, all of us sing carols for hours and hours, and then I meet some friends and cousins and we all go to a party. However I don’t receive any presents, my parents give me some money as Christmas box.

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On the other hand, the role of Santa Claus is very important. But, what makes the perfect one? The first is being the jolliest person on the planet and having a big smile on the face. It could be the greatest job, although you could feel some pressure as it is huge responsibility to recreate the magic of the real Santa. The best is living the Christmas spirit as a child. How lovely it is!

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On the whole, I think that Christmas Eve is the most familiar party of the year because in New Year’s Eve we usually spend more time with friends than with family. Additionally, here in Spain it is more traditional to get presents on 6th January, the day of the Three Wise Men, than on Christmas Eve. Nowadays it is more and more usual, though.

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