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Describe your favourite festivities of the year and explain why you like them

To begin with, I am going to write about some of my favourite festivities of the year. I am pretty sure that everybody loves Christmas, 4th July if you live in the USA or 14th July if you live in France, but what is about local festivities? Here are those that I prefer.

Resultado de imagen de noche de san juan

One of the most famous festivities is St John’s Eve. In this festival you will see neither costumes nor religious parades, but it’s rather a pagan celebration of the summer equinox. It is celebrated on 24th June.  People go to the beach bringing food and drinks to spend all the night. Then, they light bonfires to burn that they don’t want or need any more and the celebration lasts until sunrise.

However, I am very fond of a local festivity which is a religious celebration called San Antonio. It is celebrated on 13th June in honour of the Patron Saint of my village, Lobres. This day a procession takes place to which all the locals go wearing their best costumes. Then they go the town square to drink, dance and listen to music.

Resultado de imagen de san antonio lobres 2017
In conclusion, I would say that we all love festivities because we can spend good time with family and friends both dancing and eating. As well, I think that our birthday is also an opportunity to organise a great party and invite all our friends to spend the day together. 

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