jueves, 27 de agosto de 2015

The teenage brain & Paris 'love-locks' removed

Paris 'love locks' have been removed from the bridge where they were. It is the end of a story, a beautiful tradition, which was like a tale and which was about a way to express love by lovers.

Adding a love lock to the Pont des Arts before throwing the key into the River Seine had became a tourist tradition. For me, it was a nice love sign. But this can be an eyesore and also a hazard. The metal bridge, with weighed nearly 50 tonnes, could fall down at any moment .Last year, one section of the railways split apart. Normal!!

It is a bit sad, because one day if I had been to Paris, I would have gone there. Remove means quitar. 

On the one hand, the teenage brain doesn't have anything to envy. We have a lot of school information, it is a disaster, only space for these things, which are almost always forgotten. On the other hand, sometimes we have memory for music and other things without importance, or on the contrary, with importance (in lower case). It is true that in this life stage we have capacity for learn more things and also easier. 

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