jueves, 27 de agosto de 2015

The music war

I am going to talk about the music war between the singer Taylor Swift and the company Apple. It is true that all of us enjoy listening to music and that we don’t like paying for it and the solution it is to download it through illegal pages or to listen to it in musical platforms without paying. The problem is that if we don't buy the music, or any CDs and we don't even pay for any music service, the singers and musicians don’t earn money. They live off the music and they hope to get some profits, thing that doesn't always happen. I agree with her, because I reckon that she is doing her work and she must make profits from it.

In contrast, it is true that Apple wants the best for their customers to keep them happy. Although the solution isn't this one.
The girl is very brave fighting for what it is from her.

I think that U-turn' means in Spanish, cambio de sentido. 

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