lunes, 16 de abril de 2018

Tattoos, piercings, clothes, hairstyle... do you like to follow trends? Explain

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Nowadays our image is extremely important. We have been told a lot of times that it doesn’t matter what we wear. Actually, too much time can be spent worrying about what we put on when there are more important things in life. Nevertheless, how we look is not as superficial as it is thought.

Regarding clothes, they are used to show where we want to be in society. It even informs people of our job and ambitions too. Personally, I am trendy. I usually wear jeans and t-shirts which always match, but I like looking stylish for special events. In addition, I hate sport clothes because I reckon that they don’t suit me. My hairstyle is not too risky, I prefer my natural colour and I don’t mind having a ponytail or two braids.

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On the contrary, I have neither piercings nor tattoos. Indeed, tattoos had a terrible reputation because the people who wore them were associated with delinquents. Today, they are becoming more and more popular, though. As well, I think that piercings don’t suit me, but I love wearing all types of earrings, I love all the jewellery!

On the whole, I would say that I like following trends, although not all of them. I prefer choosing those which suit me the best. What’s more, it is true that our appearance is important. However, I also consider that everyone has an own style which defines exactly who they are. In fact, what we are like and our values are what matters the most.

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