lunes, 7 de agosto de 2017

Mixed feelings when feeling invisible

Nowadays, most famous people would agree that they are submitted to social pressure, so they would like to be invisible so as to go to shopping or for a drink without an army of paparazzi behind them. However, there are exceptions, as those famous people who love drawing attention or even more, taking photos of themselves with their fans.

Resultado de imagen de feel invisibleNext, I am going to write about being invisible in ordinary life. Currently, some people feel depressed because they think that they are invisible for the others. Furthermore, feeling invisible can cause self-conscious people. Although, there are others who love that people turn to stare at them for their clothes, make-up, hairstyle…

On the contrary, people think they observe others more than others watch them. Everyone thinks they aren’t observed very much; it is almost as wearing an invisibility cloak. This might be a subject of being judgemental with yourself.

Summing up, I believe that people sometimes love drawing attention and also that someone pays attention to them. When my friend fancies someone, she loves getting attention to the lucky guy, that is what she calls one of her flirting techniques. 

Resultado de imagen de stare at someone

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