miércoles, 28 de septiembre de 2016

US nuclear force still uses floppy disks

To begin with, a floppy disk, diskette or disk became popular in the 1970s. A standard 8in, the same as 200mm, floppy disk had 237.25kB of storage space, it was enough for 15 seconds of audio. Dell stopped making computers with unbuilt floppy disks in 2003. Nowadays, very few manufactures make them, and they are used by the US nuclear weapons force.

On the one hand, The Pentagon is the headquarters of the US Department of Defense, which is located in Airlington in Virginia. It was designed by an American architect called George Bergstrom. It is one of the largest building in the world.

A report said that the Pentagon from now until 2020 will replace all the system, because the replacement parts for the system are difficult to find as they are so obsolete.

On the other hand, “give up” means stop doing, trying and surrender. 

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