lunes, 18 de julio de 2016

Diabetes, a rising disease

To begin with, diabetes is a condition where the body can't control the amount of glucose (or sugar) in the blood, and if left untreated, it can cause many complications like heart attack, stroke, kidney failure and blindness.

Resultado de imagen de diabetesDiabetes is on the rise, particulary two types. One of them includes obesity. It is caused because people eat fast food and unhealthy food more and more and they don't do as much exercise as they used to do, because their lifestyle has changed. They rather stay at home watching TV, chatting on the mobile... than going out to do some exercise. Like kids, now adults have jobs that don’t demand so much physical activity.

Diabetes International Federation, which is in Belgium, says that an estimated 415 million people have diabetes worldwide. In fact, in Mexico sugary drinks have decreased in sales because of the sugar tax, measure which has actually worked so far. 

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