sábado, 30 de abril de 2016

Is the Internet the greatest invention of all time?

Is the Internet the greatest invention of all time?

       What can I say about the Internet? Today the Internet is used in so many aspects of our real life:  to buy, to pay, to chat...but mainly to search for information, although not everybody thinks the same.

      On the one hand, teenagers are those who use the internet the most. They use it to do homework, to watch films, to listen to music... and to chat with friends in social networks like Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter. Internet is so useful that some of them stay at home rather than going out with their friends. Teens say that they couldn't do anything without the Internet, so they need it more and more.

       On the other hand, older people use the Internet to send emails, specially if they work. If you don't have any social network, you won't have the same options as people who use them. People like our grandparents have never used the Internet in their lives, but some of them would like to learn how to use a PC or a mobile so that they could chat with relatives. This is so easy that ordinary children can sort it out.

       All in all, Internet is the greatest invention I have ever seen since we can do lots of things, which make our lives easier. Besides we are happier.

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