miércoles, 10 de febrero de 2016

Beware, travellers: Zika virus, the latest public health emergency


For a start, talking about Zika, we know that this virus has been strange for us until it appeared on the news. It is caused by a mosquito. Some symptoms are temperature, pink eye and they are of short duration. It concerns specially pregnant women, whose babies can be born with microcephaly. It was started in Brazil last year, but now it has spread around twenty-four countries. The OMS has already declared Zika as a public health emergency.  I have heard that in June will be a vaccine for the virus. And remember, if you are going to travel to somewhere, you should look for further information about this issue.  I got to know about Cyprien two weeks ago, when my French teacher put one of his videos in class. In fact, the best video is about Spain. 

 Travelling to USA 

Travelling to Spain

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