sábado, 16 de enero de 2016


Do some smell remind you of your childhood? What associations do they have?

The smell of war crayons reminds me of when I was at the nursery school without anything to do. I was all day drawing. Among other smells, I've always liked the smell of the beach and the smell of suntan lotion because they remind me of holidays and the sun. I also like the smell of fireworks because they make me think of Lobres festival, like Saint-Antonio, who is the patron saint of the village. 

What about sounds? Do some sounds or songs have strong associations for you?

Yes. For example, the song "El baile del gorila" by Melody. I really liked the song and I danced whenever I listened to it. It is beautiful to remind my childhood! Also, the song by Carlos Cano, "María la portuguesa!. This is the song which my father loves. We danced it in all parties together. As I was little, my father used to pick me up. What memories! 

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