lunes, 28 de diciembre de 2015

Miraculous operation and some tips to live in the UK

It is certainly a miracle. Poor baby, in other cases he wouldn't have survived, but in this case he is safe.Thanks to the helicopter which brought him quickly to the hospital, he arrived in time It was a good job carried out by the doctor after six hours of operation.

It is true that getting used to life in a foreign country can be difficult, but you should try to talk all you can, make friends, eat the food from there, save money, visit as much as you can in a city, like: museums, theatres, cinemas, go to cafes... and why do you want your mobile? Look for information, download an app and so you can have access to all information about the city. I am going to go to Ireland and I hope that when I stay there all will be easy to get used to.

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