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11 Espinar 
Lobres (Granada)
20th, May, 2015

Peligros (Granada) 

Dear Mr. de Ana, 
I represent a group called 'Union is Lobres'. I'm writing to you because we are concerned about plans of destroying the only park that we have and build a motorway in its place.

In our opinion, a motorway isn't necessary and it is not safe, so if there is one near us, all the people will be in danger.
If we have a motorway, it is possible that there will be problems as noise, landscape and pollution would be bad for our crops and for some of the people who live near. A motorway, on the other hand, might be a good start for create jobs; promote tourism and commerce around us, and to Lobres rises.

We have therefore decided to take action, and we are going to organize a march around the village and then a protest in the square. For this reason, we hope that you and your team of professionals will go to Lobres the 27th  May, support us and help us to publicize this event and finally the council decide not to build the motorway
Yours sincerely,

Andrea G
Group Coordinator
Union is Lobres

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